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Personnel Hoist NY

Personnel hoisting is essentially the art of transporting construction workers up and down alongside a high wall; that seems like a simple and basic enough job, and yet that simple job means a great deal of responsibility at any construction site in the world, and especially if it takes place in such a megapolis as New York City, where there is a great number of building having fifty floors or more.

Being one of the key providers of personnel hoisting in NY, our company, All-Safe, LLC, is mindful about the safety of people who rely on our services and about the safety of the equipment used for get the job done.

Thinking of you and other workers, we've prepared this brief info page on the web that should give you some insight into basic rules of personnel hoisting safety. This page is only an outline and not a legal document, but we hope you find it helpful.

We are certain that if you follow the Ten Tips we provide here, you can make your construction or renovation business safer.

Tip One: Don't overload the personnel hoist. If it can transport, say, five people, then the sixth worker should have to wait for his turn to go up.

Tip Two: Use only personnel hoist to carry personnel.

Tip Three: regularly examine the wire ropes and chains in your hoist and replace them if they show damage above legally acceptable.

Tip Four: Watch our for live electrical wiring. It shouldn't be anywhere near the personnel hoist.

Tip Five: People transported in the hoist should be protected from the fall on all sides, and from falling objects above.

Tip Six: The hoist cabin must be unable to move when its the door is open.

Tip Seven: There must be an easily accessible, easily recognizable emergency stop switch in the hoist cabin.

Tip Eight: A personnel hoist must be thoroughly tested after it's assembled and before it starts operation, or whenever the hoist had been significantly modified.

Tip Nine: Personnel hoists should be inspected weekly.

Tip Ten: Even workers who are not directly involved in operating the hoist must be made aware of the hazards the hoisting machinery may present and trained the rules for responsible, safe actions near the personnel hoist.

These Ten Tips are just the top of the iceberg of the personnel hoisting safety. If your business needs hoisting services, you should do your best to educate yourself – and all the personnel involved in operating the hoist – about making decisions concerning the safety aspects of personnel hoisting. We would be glad to provide assistance. Our hoisting services are safe and efficient, and we make a special point in strict, thorough compliance with Federal and NY personnel hoisting safety standards. You're most welcome to call our office for more information: 718-389-9400.

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At College Point Blvd in NY we have set up 3 personnel hoist. This installation involved 40 feet setbacks, mounting the hoists from way above the ground level, and floor extensions for personnel hoisting safety. College Point Blvd project is currently one of our most interesting and challenging personnel hoisting projects in NY.

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